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10 Unique Gifts For Your Groomsmen

Posted on: August 14, 2019

10 Unique Gifts For Your Groomsmen (that are NOT food or booze)


Go ahead and google ‘Groomsmen Gifts’. We can guarantee you five things with show up – Flasks, Swiss Army Knives, Ties, Cufflinks, and Cigars. Sure, these are cool gift ideas but if your friends have ever been in a Wedding before, they probably have more of these than they actually will use.

Get your boys something they might actually want. Here is our list of 10 unique gifts that might actually surprise them (from least to most expensive):

Havaianas FlipFlops

Flip flops are one of those things you can just never have too many of. Havaianas has a huge selection of styles and colours and you can even customize your own! Not to mention, they are super comfortable – Find them here

Prices start at $25.00

Saxx Underwear

“SAXX has revolutionized underwear” – Your boys will thank you, nuff said. Find them here

Sale prices start at $27.00

Zoku Instant Iced Coffee Maker

For that friend who loves coffee but only iced. The Zoku turns hot coffee (or tea) straight out of the coffee pot into a chilled beverage in only five minutes. Find that here starting at $29.99

Tickets to a Sporting Event/Concert/Festival

Get everyone together for a fun night out to bond before or after the big day. Get tickets to a Canucks, White Caps or BC Lions game. Some of which can be as affordable as $35.00

Monogrammed Weekender Bag

Maybe your friends won’t actually admit to needing/wanting one of these but trust any girlfriend who has sacrificed her precious TNA or Lululemon bag, only to be stuffed with old gym clothes – he’ll use it!
Etsy has some great options starting at $45.00, find those here.

Hot Shave

This is a great way to treat your boys to a fun wake up the morning of the wedding. The Wedding package at JD Barbershop includes a shot of whiskey and a cleanup, starting at $50.00 pp. Find out more here

Sound Sport Bose Earbuds

For the music buff or fitness junkie in your group – these earbuds are the perfect fit (pun intended) On sale as of this posting for $59.99 here.

Gaming Controller

Equip your buddies with all new gaming controllers – be sure to get them one that fits their device. Xbox One Controllers start at $59.99 and you can find them here.

9)    The Tile Sport

Your friends will never lose their keys, wallet, or phone ever again with this handy two pack of Tile Sports.
They install the app on their phone and hook up this compact and sleek tracker to their keys or slip it into their wallet. By giving this gift you’re not only giving them the tracker, but also all the time they would have lost looking for their stuff.
The two pack for $60.00 can be found here.

10) Pond Portable Wireless Charger/Power Bank

This convenient, wireless charger comes in an assortment of sleek, contemporary designs. Great to leave on his nightstand instead of having to search for the cord to plug in his phone every night, he can simply place his phone on or near it.
Ripple Chargers start at $99.00 and can be found here.