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5 Great Wedding Photography Locations (within 15 minutes of us)

Posted on: June 12, 2017

After the make-up is removed, your hair is let down, the dress or tuxedo is packed away and even the memories have started to fade … What is left of your magical day? (Well, besides your amazing marriage obv.) – Your photos!
It’s very important to find the right Wedding Photographer that fits your style and makes you feel comfortable. Have you thought about where you’d like to go?  You know what they say …location, location, location!

If you think you have to travel into Vancouver for great photography locations  – then I’m happy to tell you, you’re wrong. We’re going to share some of our fave spots by looking through the lens of a few local photogs that give us all the feels on our social media feed.

Wedding Photographer Vancouver

Into the woods

Rocky Point Park 

Wedding photographer vancouver

Mother nature creates the best backdrops and Will Pursell knows how to capture it.
( @willpursellphoto on Instagram or )

Deer Lake Park 

Wedding photography Vancouver

We love that there is so much life and colour in this photo and yet you are so drawn to the couple in it.  Edward Lai has a great eye for contrast and composition.
( @elaiphotography on Facebook or )

Lake Lovers

Deer Lake Park

Wedding photographer Vancouver

Yes, we included Deer Lake in both the forest & lake categories … all the more reason to use this location!
Check out the rest of the photos from this session by D’Soleil Photography – they are all perfect.
(@dsoleilphoto on Instagram or )

Burnaby Lake

Wedding photographer Vancouver

Burnaby Lake is only 10 minutes away and it is a great spot for a lake shot!
Mikaela Ruth shows us the beauty of this locale and how a simple, organic look can be so charming.
@mikaelaruth on Instagram or )

Wedding photographer Vancouver
I love this shot from Butterfly Photography at Burnaby Lake – The symmetry and the colours are so beautiful.
( )

Urban Vibes

Simon Fraser University

SFU is just a stone’s throw away and you’ll find many interesting backdrops there (as shown through the lens of photographer, Cliff Ma – who apparently knows them all.)

Wedding photographer Vancouver

Wedding photographer Vancouver

 The clean lines and sprawling architecture provide a stunning juxtaposition for the softness of a blushing bride.

Wedding photographer Vancouver
( @cliffmaphotography on Instagram or )

Rustic Whimsy

Colony Farms Regional Park

This park is large and lush and magical with plenty of landscapes to work with. As shown by these shots from D’Soleil Photography and Fortune Hill Photography.

Wedding photographer Vancouver

@dsoleilphoto on Instagram or )

Wedding photographer Vancouver

( @fortunehillphotography on Instagram or )

Share your favourite shot spots with us – Send us a message on social if we missed a good one.
We’ll update this list as more submissions come in!



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