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5 Unconventional Gift Registries

Posted on: September 6, 2019

Our Top 5 Unconventional Wedding Registries

For centuries, in Western society, it has been a rule of thumb to never ask for money as a wedding gift. However, the modern day couple has already moved in together and built a home full of blenders and dish towels years before tying the knot.

Unless the wedding calls for an entire makeover of their home or refresh of everything in their kitchen cupboards, chances are, the things they are asking for are not necessary.

With the ever growing trend of minimalism, we are seeing more and more people embracing a life of simplicity and the “decluttering of things”. Hence, the tiny house movement and the growing numbers of millennials quitting their jobs and selling their possessions to travel.

How do you politely ask your guests not to add to the clutter of your life by buying you yet another set of placemats? Well, we wouldn’t bring you here if we didn’t have some ideas…

Here is our list of 5 Unconventional Gift Registries of “Experiences” for the Couple who has every THING or simply, too many things.

1. A Travel Registry

Set up an account with an agency. Your guests can select how much they want to contribute toward your account at a Travel Agency. They pay online and their contribution is added to a lump sum that you can use toward a trip booked with the agency. 

Custom Design a Trip with Travellers Joy. Guests select from a list of travel inspired gifts that you create. They pay online and a cheque is sent to you from the registration company. You can add items like a particular hotel, an excursion, or even drinks on the beach. This allows your guests to give you something tangible rather than just a card full of cash, even though it functions in the same way. 

2. A Date Registry

Open Table. Let your guests treat you and your S.O to a night on the town at the hottest new restaurant or they can load it and let you decide. With over 3500+ restaurants enrolled on Open Table you will have plenty to choose from!Spa Day (or ten). No one said planning a wedding was easy. It’s the biggest party you’ll ever throw, you deserve to relax and unwind with your new spouse. 

3. Booze and Bubbly.

Stock the Liquor Cabinet. Guests can choose between purchasing gift cards to your favourite liquor store or pick up a bottle or two or three. If you love to entertain, this will likely benefit them as well, everyone is happy!

4. Charity Registry

If love is all you need, Pass on your good fortune. For those couples with a heart of gold, ask your guests to contribute toward a charity, an important cause or donate toward a fundraising event you’re participating in.

5.  A Registry with a little bit of everything.

Giftspaces. If you like all of the ideas above (plus maybe an upgrade or two for your home – hello espresso machine) Giftspaces is a great site to direct your guests. All of your gifts will be in one place and you can add whatever you want. From a honeymoon, to a night out at your fave restaurant, to a charity donation. The funds will be deposited directly into your account ready for you to use. Plus this website is 100% Canadian owned and operated, which is pretty cool too.