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6 Modern, Inexpensive Bouquets for your Summer Wedding

Posted on: January 3, 2018

Alternatives to Peonies for your Summer Wedding

More and more brides are trending toward simpler accents which is why peony bouquets are such a popular choice.
However, Summer is the most popular time for weddings and peony season is a two to three week window in June and July. What is a Summer bride to do then?

We interviewed Christa from the Floral Department at Safeway on Austin Road, ( only a 4 minute drive from our hotel ). They are one of our preferred vendors as they are not only conveniently located, but the staff are also knowledgeable and helpful.
Christa provided us with some inexpensive alternatives to peonies for your summer wedding; that still give you that simple yet modern and classic look.


Baby’s Breath are in season year round and cost about $4/bundle at Safeway.


Eucalyptus are in season year round although they are not always in stock – the floral department at Safeway can order them in for your wedding for about $9/bundle. Christa cautions that although they are resilient flowers, they only last about a week so order accordingly.


Hydrangeas are available year round and cost about $12 for 2 stems at Safeway. Christa’s tip for keeping this temperamental plant from wilting is to poke holes in their stems with a pin and submerge in room temperature water.


Leatherleaf Ferns are in season year round and cost about $5/bundle – best part is you will only need 1 bundle for a full bouquet.


Lavender come potted at Safeway, they arrive just in time for Mother’s Day in May and are in season until winter. They cost about $10 for 6 inch plant.


Dusty Millers are not usually in stock at Safeway but you can call in to enquire about ordering them. They are in season from May to winter and cost about $8 for 4 stems.

Safeway – 9855 Austin Road
V3J 1N4, Burnaby, British Columbia

(604) 420-3420


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