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Honeymoon Destinations Around The Globe ( without zika )

Posted on: January 24, 2018

Our Top Honeymoon Picks (that are perfect for every couples future plans)

First came Love, then came Marriage and then…. yea we’re going there on this post, sort of.First, let’s rewind a bit… The question was popped, then the champagne and now you are officially ENGAGED! Feel free to reveal that Pinterest board chock full of wedding ideas that you have been building for the last year! Enjoy the process of planning your day and make sure you check out some of our other blogs that have lots of great resources like this one and even this one…. better yet, just read them all. They aren’t long.

After the Wedding Plans have begun, Honeymoon talks wont be far behind. It’s all fun and games until you realize how many destinations have Zika. You’re probably thinking, Ok so Hawaii is our only option if we want to avoid it. Well, it’s not. Don’t get us wrong, we love us some Hawaiian nights, but our proximity to this beautiful destination makes it an easy trip for any time, so if you want something a little different and maybe a little farther keep reading.

Regardless of your post Wedding Plans, this list of Honeymoon destinations on every continent is full of luscious locales, refreshing rendezvous’ and best of all, they’re Zika FREE!

Always make sure you check updated advisories on this website before you book anything.

North America | Bermuda

“Bathed in the balmy turquoise waters of the Sargasso Sea, the string of islands that is Bermuda is ringed by treacherous reefs making it one of the world’s top diving destinations. Pastel-coloured houses and stately mansions drown in lush greenery while art galleries add touches of urban sophistication and its many forts will entertain any history buff. The island activities are as varied as the people who reside there. Spend your day hiking, golfing, partaking in water sports or just lazing on a picture-perfect pink-sand beach.”

– Lonely Planet.

Europe | Amalfi Coast

“Sprinkled with stunning seaside towns, the allure of the Amalfi Coast’s natural beauty has been drawing people to the region long before it had a name. Its dramatic charm and idyllic weather enticed ancient Roman nobles to build their villas there, a real estate trend that, overtime, never faded. Today the mountains and sea cliffs are dotted with pastel confections of holiday homes and sumptuous villas, which have elevated the coastline to one of the most fabulous and unique destinations in the world. Its fragile cultural landscape—churches, gardens, vineyards and towns—are divided into thirteen different municipalities, and were listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites in 1997. Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello are the area’s top destinations, attracting thousands of jet setters each year.”

– Travel and Leisure Magazine.

South America | Arica, Chile

Arica is the northernmost city in Chile and a developing seaside resort town, with golden sand dunes, miles of seashore, duty-free shopping and lively nightlife. Having been inhabited since 6000 BC it is the gateway to many inland ruins of ancient cultures, Lauca National Park with its many animal species including vicuña, alpaca, nandu and wild chinchilla. Not to mention volcanos and the highest mountain lake in the world.”


Africa | Seychelles

“Surround by beaches untouched by man’s influence that are refreshingly uncrowded, Seychelles offers clear blue skies and a tranquility you will rarely find. A hike along the coastline from Beau Vallon to Anse Major will take about 1.5-2 hours and your reward will be a small deserted beach that’s fit for a king. The scenery along the hike is breathtaking.”

– WikiTravel

Asia | Colombo, Sri Lanka

“Jam-packed with alluring outdoorsy activities or tranquil beach settings, Sri Lanka has something for every type of traveller. Spend your days lounging on a beach, whale-watching off the coast or leopard-spotting in a national park. Colombo is fast becoming a draw in itself. This city of 555,000 people has been on fast-forward since a 25-year civil war ended in 2009. Trendy lounge bars have opened up, and the vibe is one of optimism combined with an increasingly cosmopolitan outlook. Packed with the friendliest locals, Sri Lanka is the perfect place to enjoy laid-back island ambience as well as bustling city life”

– New York Times

Oceana/Australia | New Caledonia

“fairly isolated, separated by 620 miles of open water from its nearest mainland neighbour. Because of its isolation, it is both extremely diverse and home to a wide range of native species. New Caledonia is like a little piece of southern France in the pacific; everyone’s a Francophone, but forty percent of the population is indigenous islanders. Cosmopolitan capital Noumea wouldn’t look out of place in Europe, with its quaint bistros, expensive shops, and the requisite Chinatown. This urban center is in sharp contrast to the surrounding regions’ more open landscape, which runs the gamut from rugged mountaintops to pine tree-lined white sand beaches.”

– Fodors.

Antarctica | Any part of it

“If you and your fiancé(e) are VERY adventurous, have deep pockets and don’t mind a cold, inhospitable and distant destination – well this is the place for you. There are a few possibilities for intrepid explorers who want to witness the majesty of this frozen continent. You could take some time exploring by ship, or fly over it in a day from Australia.

However, if 5 – 13 degrees in the Summer isn’t exactly the climate you had in mind, and you are thinking of a landscape that is slightly more forgiving… maybe hit up Hawaii”

– WikiHow and The Wedding Team at Plaza

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