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How To: Include Your Kids In The Wedding

Posted on: July 1, 2019

Whether you have your own kids or what to include someone special there is always the option of making them a flower girl or ring bearer. However, if you have multiple children to include or want something different here are a few unique suggestions for including your favorite kids on your big day.

Include them in the Planning Process

Give them little jobs that they are able to do throughout, perhaps DIY favors or stuffing envelopes. They will feel proud and accomplished, an added bonus? It would be a big help for you! Your kids could even help you with a playlist making them feel more included.

Give Your Kids a Role in the Ceremony

This option is perfect for multiple children as they can be considered ‘leaders of the procession’ The flower girl can hold a sign reading ‘it’s almost time!’ as she walks down the aisle. It is comforting and a simple addition that will have the kids feeling extra special. Furthermore, if you’re becoming step parent, try expressing your commitment to your new child during your vows.

Plan Special Pictures

You are already going to be taking millions of photos so why not add a few more? It may just be a mini photoshoot be a few of just the kids or perhaps with props as well. Not only is this a unique addition for your memory but you have the option to gift each child their photo.  Another idea may be giving the kids cameras (disposables or polaroid’s) so they can capture your big day from their point of view.

Have them Join the Cake Cutting

The cake cutting may be exciting for you, but especially for the kids because let’s be real…. Who doesn’t love cake!

Create a Dance together

A ‘family dance’ after your first dance can be a fun way to kick off the evening. Let your kids pick the song! Your kids will feel included and this would be a family memory between you all. This will be a hit no doubt- a memory to last a lifetime.

Contributing writer – Sara Somani