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Jenny + Costin – Wedding Feature

May 27, 2017

We recently caught up with Jenny + Costin who sealed the deal, tied the knot and made it official (not Facebook official – but real life official) this past May. After getting to know this couple over the past few months we knew we wanted to feature them on our blog (even before it was live).

I can assure you their story is as lovely as the photos from their Wedding (beautifully snapped by @cliffmaphotography). Enjoy!

How did you meet? 

Jenny: We met over 14 years ago, we used to be friends for a while then lost touch. About 5 years ago, our paths met but this time, we fell for each other. I fell for him first, but he thought I was just being friendly and never saw that I was hitting on him! hahah – It took me about a year to make an actual move. 

Tell me about your first date or a memorable date.

Jenny: I once made crepes for my daycare children, Costin knew I was making them and he said “I love love love crepes” so I told him I could make extra and bring some to him. When I went to drop them off he had a bouquet of flowers for me. We kept this up for a while, and sometimes it still happens… sometimes hehehe

How did you/he propose?

Jenny: This is really funny actually. I knew he had a ring and was going to propose so this was really challenging for him. He said he still really wanted to surprise me, So we started planning our wedding. A couple of weeks went by and I decided I needed to find my dress (since I knew we were going to get married in 2017). I was so occupied with wedding dress shopping that I had no idea what his plan was. I was sooooo surprised when I came home and found red roses and notes everywhere! (yes, red roses are my fav) What was your favourite part of your Wedding day? Anything you would have changed?

Jenny: I had MANY favourite parts! Walking down the aisle and seeing everyone just looking at me, was the most amazing thing ever, especially that the love of my life was right up there waiting for me.

I had to get one of my bridesmaid to always stand by me and fix my dress, the buttons kept opening when I was dancing.

Costin: Jenny walking down the aisle, and the LOVE sign that she made. 

We would have to agree with Costin. It is a pretty great sign.

What advice do you have for couples going through the process of planning their wedding?

Jenny: My best friend is going through this process right now. I keep telling her try to relax and enjoy the day. It goes by WAYYY too FAST! …and do your wedding at Executive Plaza Hotel, the Coquitlam location. They have Linda and she is truly amazing!!!

We wish Jenny + Costin a long and happy marriage and we are so grateful that we were able to be a part of such a beautiful day.

Check out a few more shots of their Wedding below.