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Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts

Posted on: February 7, 2018

5 Quick Valentine’s Gifts that don’t say “I totally forgot” – Complete with clever puns!

1. Getting to Marry You is like Winning The Lottery!

Near a gas station or convenience store? How about a Lotto Ticket Bouquet?

2. No ‘Bacon’ Out Now!

Who doesn’t have bacon and chocolate already kicking around in their kitchen? Nothing says marrying me is the best decision you’ll ever make like chocolate covered bacon strips!

3.Olive Me, Loves Olive You

You may not have bacon or chocolate handy in your kitchen, but you probably have Olive Oil. Wrap that sucker up, slap on a hand written label and some twine or ribbon and Voila! Here’s a link on how to spruce up your gift of plain old olive oil.

4.You Are ‘Ale’ I ‘Mead’

You will also ‘mead’ a liquor store and ribbon for this one. Of course, this would work better if you actually get him cans of ale. IPA, ISA – there are plenty to choose from!

5. I Am The Gift

This is the easiest one of all and quite possibly the most popular with your Significant Other. Give your sweetie a sneak peek of what your forever together will look like.


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Photos by The Mclachlans + Jelger and Tanya Photographers