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The Groom’s List

Posted on: January 31, 2019

The Groom’s To Do List (a few little reminders)

1.Sort Out Your Groomsmen’s Gifts

To thank your friends for their hard work and all the time and money that has been committed to your big day, make sure you give them a little gift to show your appreciation. Whether you plan on spending money or not (a DIY Groom is ok in our books) it is always good to have a little something for these important fellas.
Need Ideas? Check out our recent blog post of Our Top 10 Groomsmen Gift Ideas.

2.Get a haircut AT LEAST a week before the big day

That “Just Got My Hair Cut” look is not a good one to be sporting on the day you will have hundreds of photos taken of you. Get your hair cut at least 1 week before the big day to give your hair time to settle and look more natural. This also allows you to go back for corrections if needed.

Don’t mistake this for a quick clean up or style that a lot of Grooms will do right before the wedding, along with a hot shave.  Those are highly recommended and a fun way to kick start your big day with your Groomsmen.

3.Keep your Groomsmen updated

Your fiancée is going to have a lot on her mind, the last thing she needs is your side of the crew to be monkey-ing around. Make sure they have an itinerary – not just of the Wedding day but also, of the rehearsal day.

Make them a check list of everything they need to remember to bring. Yes, write down dress socks AND make sure they try on their suits/tuxes a least three days before the big day! You don’t want to find out that someone doesn’t fit their pants the day of the Wedding.

4.Get familiar with Ties & Boutonnieres

Become familiar with tying a tie/bow tie and pinning on a boutonniere before the big day. These are not things that every man has had to on a daily basis but will have to do on the day of the wedding. If You Tube is not helping, find someone who will – mothers, fathers, and future in laws are great resources. Remember to assign them this task on the wedding day so they show up ready for duty!


5.Write a letter to your future Wife

Maybe you work well under pressure, but we recommend not testing fate when it comes to your vows.  They don’t need to be long or elaborate but these are the words you are going to say to the woman you are about to marry – a great way to get those creative juices flowing is to write a letter to give to her on the morning of the Wedding.

You can write about how excited or even nervous you are, tell her what you love about her or your hopes and dreams for your future together. Writing a casual note will help to inspire the right setting and emotions to write your vows.

You can do both of these a couple days before the Wedding and get a Bridesmaid to deliver the letter to your bride on the morning of.

6.Arrange breakfast for the Wedding day

Whether you do this yourself or task your best man with this job, make sure that you and your Groomsmen remember to eat something! Have a plan. Sort out room service or even just a box of toaster strudel. It’s so much easier to figure it out ahead and saves precious time on the morning of your Wedding.


7.Know your place

Have a discussion with your fiancée about where you should be during your guests arrival. Will you have ushers? If so, make sure they are present and know the plan. If the plan is for you and your groomsmen to greet the guests as they arrive, make sure you assign someone to watch the time so your ceremony doesn’t start late.

8.Swap Digits – Communication is key.


Make sure that you or one of your Groomsmen exchange numbers with a Bridesmaid. She will be your point of contact on the Wedding day so make sure she keeps her phone on and accessible until the moment the ceremony starts.

As your guests arrive, your Bride to be will probably still be in hiding. Make sure that you or a designated person has a copy of the important guests and their contact information. Should any of them be late, inform the bride via her Bridesmaid and call the late guest to find out their ETA. You don’t want Nana to miss the big show!


9.Plan your Thank You speech

You don’t need a lot of planning for this speech but remember to give credit to your better half and anyone who helped plan this day. A nice touch is to thank your new in laws for raising the ‘best thing that ever happened to you’ …or something like that.

10.Be present

Planning a wedding is hard work! And before you know it, the big day will be here and will go by in a flash! Make sure not to lose sight of the most important part – your relationship with this amazing person you’ve chosen to marry.

Try to lighten their to do list if you can or do things together, sure the Wedding Day is the goal but no one says the lead up can’t be fun as well.

On the Wedding day itself, you will be surrounded by your closest friends and family and as exciting and overwhelming as that is, Remember to be by your Bride’s side and take it all in. After all, this day is about the two of you.

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