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What you wish you knew before your Wedding Day

Posted on: July 19, 2019

Finding the one person you want to spend the rest of your life with is a big deal, and because it’s such an important decision it should make the other decisions pale in comparison, right? Theoretically, yes. However it’s VERY easy to get consumed by the biggest party you’ll probably ever throw – your Wedding! We are lucky enough to have a network of industry professionals and happy couples to mine for information, So we asked around on your behalf and got some feedback.

Let’s just dive right in …

1.Choose your wedding party carefully.

Photo taken by one of our preferred vendors – Mclachlan Studios

These are the people that are essentially escorting you into your new life, so they should be a. Very important to you and b. Very supportive of you. At some point you may feel guilty about what your people have to pay for (there is a lot that traditionally goes into being in the bridal party – showers, stags + stagettes, dresses etc). The ones who are genuinely excited to be a part of your big day will be happy to spend the time and money because you would, and maybe already have, done the same for them.

You don’t need the added stress of trying to accommodate someone that you felt you had to include. There will be other ways to make them a part of your day, but it is YOUR day so don’t be afraid to do what’s best for you.

 “If you’re worried about trying to match numbers on the both sides, don’t. The bridal party is only coupled up for a short time and besides, how cute is a bridesmaid with 2 groomsmen on her arms?”
– Jenn

Photo taken by one of our preferred vendors – Mclachlan Studios

“The thought of my children looking at my wedding photos and not recognizing someone in them was the reason I stuck with a childhood friend and my two sisters. These are people I’ve known my whole life and I knew even if they moved away we would still be close. I have some really good friends that I met in my adult life, but I’m still very happy I decided to do it this way”
– Kelly

2. Do a dry run of your first dance.

photo from pinterest

One night in your living room put your song on and try it out… now imagine all of your guests watching you, does it suddenly feel very long? If you’re just swaying back and forth for 4 minutes you may end up feeling uncomfortable. Try sprinkling in a twirl here and a twirl there to break it up. If you’re feeling really sassy, do a little dip at the end. It’s romantic, fun and it makes for great photos.

“My husband and I found a song we loved but it was 5 minutes long and the thought of 200 people staring at us sway for more than two minutes was unbearable. We had our DJ shorten the song for us and we practiced a few spins beforehand. We’re glad we did because even though it wasn’t complicated, we had a few embarrassing missteps in our practice rounds”
– Genevieve

3. Don’t be afraid to splurge or save where YOU want.

Wedding, Vancouver, Wedding Photography, Coquitlam, Hotel wedding

Designed and styled in the Executive Plaza Ballroom by one of our preferred vendors MV Decor

As soon as you announce you’re getting married people are going to want to talk about wedding details and suddenly everyone is an expert (some people actually are but I’m not talking about them). It’s great to get advice from friends and family and do your research but not everything is going to work for you and your fiancée. The main thing is that you remember what is important to the two of you. This is a big day and it may be one of the only times you can justify splurging on “unnecessary luxuries”

“I was so worried about being labelled a ‘high maintenance bride’ that I went along with what everyone suggested. Most things turned out great, and it was nice to not have to stress about details, but there were a few points that I wish I stood my ground on.”
– Nelaine

“I didn’t want wedding favours but someone told me it’s a great way for guests to remember our day. For some reason I ignored my gut and listened to them. At the end of the night we had 45 shot glasses with our names and wedding date on them. Only half of our guests took them home and they were probably the half that don’t drink shots.”
– Mike

4. Discuss specific photos with your photographer ahead of time.

Wedding, Vancouver, Wedding Photography, Coquitlam, Hotel wedding

Photo taken in an Executive Plaza Hotel suite

Finding a photographer with the style you like is very important, but as much as you love those artsy photos you may be really disappointed that you didn’t get a photo of just you and your mom. In the craziness of the day and so many people around it will be super helpful for you (and your photographer) if you list the specific photos you want.

Your photographer will have some great ideas as well but if you saw something cute on Instagram make sure they know about it beforehand.

“Make a list of all family photos you want and have everyone “at the ready”. You don’t want to be searching during the cocktail hour to find aunty Betty and cousin Sue when it’s their turn for photos!”
– Candice

5. Schedule a minute or two with your S.O.

Photo taken by one of our preferred vendors – Mclachlan Studios

You just got married! Take a minute to savour the moment with each other. Whether it is sneaking off to spend a minute alone or even just grabbing their hand under the head table and taking a deep breath together, you will appreciate it – the day is an absolute whirlwind.

6. Enjoy yourself – Get a drink and don’t forget to enjoy the party

Photo taken by one of our preferred vendors – Mclachlan Studios

The day will go by very quickly and with every single person that matters to you being in one place you might feel like you have to speak to everyone for a designated amount of time. If you have a small intimate wedding of 30 people then yes, it’s a lovely sentiment. But if you have 150 people (and 40 are your parents’ invites) you will spend a couple hours trying to get everyone. Instead of having a version of the same conversation over and over again, tell them you’ll meet them on the dance floor! Tear it up and enjoy yourself – it’s your day.

“Don’t stress about what other people are doing, make sure YOU’RE having the best time. Also, probably best not to have a tequila bar open for 5 hours. Maybe just 3 ;)”
– Kaily

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