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The Top Fitness Focused Bachelorette Parties

Posted on: June 28, 2018

The Top Fitness Focused Bachelorette Parties



Forget Vegas! If you’re planning a party for a fitness focused Ms. Of If you are looking to get fit for your big day with your best gals these parties are for you. These days trying to balance staying healthy and fit while planning your dream wedding is tasking. The best part is your bridesmaids won’t be worrying about their dresses being a little too tight (Tip: add some rosé for added fun)


1: Yoga Adventures

Looking for something new and unique? Try taking yourself to new heights with a destination yoga adventure. There are many companies who offer retreats such as YogaWorks to places all around the world.


2: Dancing the day away

Forget a dance night, why not make it a whole 24 hours! Lace up your sneakers and __ a Zumba class. Slip on your stilettos and head on out!


3: Happy Hour at Barre

Places such as Pure Barre or Bar Method offer either drop in classes or private sessions making it easy for all you girls. Plus, who could pass up matching tees!


4: Skip the Stripper

If getting down and dirty is you and your bridesmaids means hitting the gym, then youre in luck! There are many studios that offer packages for those wanting to celebrate with their ladies. Try Tantra Fitness or Uplift Studios for their bridal packages.

These are just a few of the great fitness ideas you could have for your bachelorette! Have any other cool ideas? Let us know!


Contributing writer – Sara Somani